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16  Other / General / Re: Hilarious Star Trek Video on: January 06, 2008, 08:57:04 am
Also found a version with little puppets Tongue.
17  Other / General / Hilarious Star Trek Video on: January 06, 2008, 08:52:16 am
I didn't make this, but I think it's really funny.

"We come in peace, shoot to kill, shoot to kill, shoot to kill, men!" lol  Cheesy
18  Other / General / HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!! on: December 31, 2007, 11:50:47 pm
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Have a wonderful 2008!!
19  Grievous-Juggernaut Media / Juggernaut / Lego Daedalus on: December 30, 2007, 01:24:11 pm
I was at a friend's party with Grievous and he pulled out a little lego model he made. We recently got hooked on Stargate (Friday night at 9 on Sci-fi) and he made a little Deadalus, about 4 inches long. He admitted it was horrible and he suggested we should make it in "that lego computer thing". I installed it and it was my obsession for about 5 hours. Take a look:

Back view:

Front view:

Side view:

I know one of the pieces is blue, but there were no ones of that type in black so I'll just spraypaint it.
20  Grievous-Juggernaut Media / Art / Sci-Fi Art on: December 20, 2007, 10:38:11 pm
This is Spartan Will 043 during the Covenant war. I drew this with a reference picture.
21  Grievous-Juggernaut Media / Flash Videos / Re: Just out of curiosity... on: December 20, 2007, 10:28:41 pm
Dude. WWII. We have more done on it and actually, the animations for futuristic will be harder. Trust me, it's not going to just be a bunch of ships on different layers moving across the screen and some beams and explosions thrown in, or it's gonna look like crap. I want the future one to be better than WWII anyway, since the story's so much deeper. Plus, we barely know where to start on it.
22  Grievous-Juggernaut Media / Juggernaut / Simple Paper and Pencil RTS on: December 15, 2007, 11:08:20 am
So basically this is a really simple strategy game that you can play with just a DM (Dungeon Master, I guess GM would apply better but I don't feel like breaking the habit) and one person, although multiple people are good with 3 or 4 players plus the DM being the optimal number. The only materials you need are a composition or spiral notebook, a pencil, the players, and some dice (I would say a d6, a d10, a d20, and a d100, which is a ten sided die except it has 00, 10, 20, etc.) So, where to start first? How about units.

Probably the most important unit in the game is the Scout. They cost 10 wealth initially (in future epochs things like scout ships will cost more) and no recources (once again, scout ships and the like will cost resources since they can't just be born and trained), and eachg country starts with 2. Scouts can find resources (determined by rolling a d10. 1-3 is iron, 7-10 is wood. I havent gotten past this stage yet, so I'm not sure how I'm going to factor in new resources), including resource dumps like mineral veins and forests, they can discover other nations, and can be upgraded into Spies for 5 or 10 wealth, that's up to you as I haven't reached that point in my game yet. Spies can infiltrate enemy nations and either steal techs and tech points or sabotage. As for mineral veins (thus forth referred to as mines) and forests, one wood or iron or coal or whatever is harvested when the scout finds it, but in the turns after that they must be operated by Engineers. Engineers also build buildings and are able to fix buildings and to some extent vehicles. Engineers cost 10 to train and you must have a school, which can be built by an engineer for 1-3 wood (your call). This same rule applies to Scientists. these dudes are very important because they get you tech points and let you research new technologies. In the first stage of the game, techs are avaiable via researching a material, mainly Iron and Wood. When you research a material, it is destroyed. You roll a d20 (maybe something else later once the techs are better) and if you get a 15 or more you get a discovery, determined by rolling a d10 (you can figure out your own way to place the different discoveries on the d10, but my way is to have one tech in one half, like wheels for 1-5, and the other in the other half, like boats in 6-10). This is where tech points come in. Instead of researching a discovery, your scientist(s) can get a tech point at one per scientist per turn. The more tech points you have, the easier it is to get a discovery because each point adds 1 range ont your roll. For example: I want to research iron. I have 3 tech points and I decide to use them all. instead of 15 and above, now I only need a 12 or up (15-3=12). I roll a 14. Now, I don't get those 2 tech points back even though I didnt need them because they were already used. Now i roll a d10 to determine my discovery. I can either get: iron tools and nails (1-3), iron weapons and armor (4-7), or steel (8-10). I roll a 10 so I discover steel, but I cant make any until I get some coal, which needs iron tools to be discovered so i can mine it. Thats all for now, tell me how you like it and I'll put more if you guys want.
23  Other / General / Re: Why I made a new board, By Grievous :) on: December 14, 2007, 10:34:42 pm
Well, the site is basically to show all of the work such as comics, Flashes, and random drawings during school of Grievous and myself. Don't worry that it hasn't been updated for a while, now that it's the weekend we'll start cranking out the first bits of animation and some new production pics. Then we just have to figure out how to get the video on this site...if we can't then you'll have to wait untill the whole video is done so we can put it on Youtube.
24  Grievous-Juggernaut Media / Flash Videos / Chao Warfare II on: December 02, 2007, 09:03:56 am
Okay, in addition to the WWII chao flash, we are intermittently working on a sci-fi futuristic chao video to keep from getting too bored.
Hero Chao Ships:

Dark Chao ships up soon, I'm too lazy right now.
25  Grievous-Juggernaut Media / Flash Videos / Re: Chao warfare on: November 26, 2007, 07:22:25 pm
I'm working on a Messerschmit 109, it's taking a long time but so far it looks awesome. I'll edit it into this post when I'm done.

I know, I know. It rocks.

EDIT: Keep your eyes peeled, I'm almost done with a Flakpanzer!
26  Grievous-Juggernaut Media / Flash Videos / Re: Jugs Drawings on: November 26, 2007, 05:27:49 pm
Three things:
1-That artillery isn't mine, it's Grievous's
2-No the bazooka doesn't need work; if you want to see the original picture I'll mail it to you. Becuase of that, I would rather you not do the bazzoka.
3-How does the B-24 look? I will admit that one isn't as good as possible.
27  Grievous-Juggernaut Media / Juggernaut / NERF blaster modification--Prometheus HAP-R from Stryker Arms on: November 25, 2007, 06:57:11 pm
--Longshot extension barrel or like
--Epoxy or Gorilla Glue
--9/16ths brass
--Pocket knife or dremel
--Coping saw
--Barrel post (optional)

Barrel System
To do this mod you must cut the AR off the end of the stock Titan barrel (unless you don't want to fire the missile or stabilize the barrel). About 1.4 centimeters should do. I sanded down the end to take away the roughness and the edges on the end to make it not rip up the inside of the missile. Now take your LS extension barrel and cut it to 6.6 inches. There is a slanted thing in the back AR, you will want to completely level it and enlarge the inside of the little hole it's in by a teeny tiny bit. Fit the flattest side of the LS barrel into that hole and make sure it's straight (you can check by screwing the stock barrel on). Epoxy it on,  but make sure not to let any glue get on the threads or right above them. Now cut the brass to 6.8 inches and wrap 2-3 layers of E-tape on it. here are some pictures of the system and the brass. The front side of the brass is the one with no E-tape on the very edge.

Now just cut some cardboard of foam-cor into a circle with a hole in the middle (I haven't done it yet) and slide it over the LS barrel, with the outside edge of the circle moderately tight against the inside of the Titan barrel. To use the blaster, put a dart in the back end of the 9/16 and slide it into the LS barrel. Pump 16 times if you haven't plugged the pump, level, and fire. I got around 100 feet flat with streamlines and my AP dart (look below), and about 150 angled.
Behold, the SA-01 Prometheus HAP-R (by Stryker Arms)

HAP-R means Heavy Armor Piercing-Rifle.

Armor Piercing Dart
This should be pretty obvious. Just cut the barrel post in half and stick the least sharp ends into the holes of two darts (you have to take out the heads of course) and hotglue them in.  Remember: DO NOT SHOOT THESE AT PEOPLE! Except maybe if they are mugging you . They are designed for piercing cardboard so you know where your shot went if you are doing target practice, and just to see the huge hole . They do actually get as good as or better ranges than streamlines, so you could also use them to impress your friends with the range of your Titan.

There is a little problem sometimes with fishtailing; it can be solved in two ways:
1) pumping only 8-10 times
2) cross-drilling holes in the end of the brass

I hope you liked Stryker Arms' latest modification.
Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
28  Grievous-Juggernaut Media / Flash Videos / Re: Chao warfare on: November 25, 2007, 03:05:24 pm
Basically what he means is we're working on a Flash that is set in WWII and fought by Chao. Here are some production pictures:

These are Grievous':

An American and a German Chao facing off

An artillery piece

These are mine so far:

A bottom view of a B-24:

A scene i did when i was bored, might or might not be used

EDIT: there was one of a German tank but it wouldnt work  Embarrassed
EDIT: Another pic. This is a bazooka I made.
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